Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?– Mary Oliver

A transition can be an ideal opportunity to reevaluate and focus on our values that are often pushed aside in the hassles of day-to-day living.

At points of transition, we naturally look back on our lives and assess where we stand, how far we have come, and where we would like to go. I work mostly with other immigrants/expats going through multiple transitions and culture-shock at the same time.  You feel literally uprooted.  Yet coaching can help us hit the reset button and rebuild our lives based on our core values. We can decide what old habits and attitudes we want to leave behind, creating space for what really matters.  Aging, serious illness, and loss can also be times of awakening when finally see what is most precious, but we need the support of a coach to implement major life changes.

What I hope you’ll experience:

• Energizing, encouraging, and challenging conversations.
• Exploring what it would mean to be living more congruently with your values.
• Tuning into the quieted voice that tells you what you WANT to do, and who you WANT to be, instead of what you HAVE to do or who you HAVE to be.
• Opening up to see your choices.
• Increasing active participation in your life to empower you and increase confidence.
• Regular accountability for SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound).

As your coach, I have the privilege of:

• Working as your thinking partner to uproot old fears & habits that are blocking your way forward.
• Tapping into your passions and strengths.
• Uncovering the solutions that you have already within you.
• Creating time and energy for what you prioritise.
• Strategizing action steps towards becoming more powerful and effective.
• Shifting your energy from a place of failure to hope.

The Coaching Process

Bring yourself just as you are. With our teamwork we can be intentional and focused in becoming who you want to be.  I offer 50-minute weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions with unlimited email support throughout the week.  In-person, Google Meet or telephone sessions available.


“Jennelle is a fantastic coach!   She has great empathy, an exceptional memory of our past conversations, and a lot of wisdom. Over the past two years of working together, I have appreciated her flexibility to adjust to what is important for me during each session.  At the same time, she helps me keep track of my overarching goals and look beyond the details to see the big picture.  Through Jennelle’s coaching I have developed a greater sense of agency in my life.  I also recently achieved a long term goal of moving into a new home.  Through her coaching, Jennelle is helping me strengthen my self esteem and guiding me to create the life I want.” – Anonymous

“With her coaching, and my perseverance, I have made real progress for the first time in my life. I established a food plan with her help and I follow it as well as I can. I practice mindfulness, which we discuss in our meetings. I have established a few general rules for myself, which I mostly follow. I have increased my intake of vegetables significantly, which I actually enjoy. With Jennelle’s help, I have lost 30 pounds, slowly but surely. My health is vastly improved, I have much less pain in my joints, I have more energy, and I really enjoy my exercise program. For all of this, I am so grateful to Jennelle.” – Anonymous

“Being coached by you has been life changing and I am loving the process of clarifying my values, and finding calm in chaos. I have also been grateful navigating multiple transitions, challenges and crises with you in a way that created opportunities and growth for both me and my family. ” – Michelle Harwick

“Jennelle is an amazing coach! I knew I could do it, I just needed help. Through her listening and thought-provoking questions, Jennelle helped me find the answers I needed within myself as well as the motivation to make changes. Even now, months after my coaching with Jennelle, I am still committed to the decisions I made.” – Anonymous

“Jennelle always showed up to our meetings with high energy and held a loving space for me to grow and explore the topics we were working on. Jennelle is genuinely curious and empowering to get into the level of detail that is necessary for breakthrough coaching.” -Anonymous


For 50 minute sessions the fee is €120 + 19% VAT


Please email Jennelle for further information and a free consultation: or book directly online