Currently Jennelle is offering an Empowerment Therapy Group for Expat Women.  This group takes place online Tuesdays at 12:30, 2x a month for 55 minutes.  This is an ongoing group that began in May of 2021.  This provides a space to look at our internal biases and limiting beliefs (i.e. gender and/or race based) that keep us stuck.  We address both personal and professional situations in which we people please and cross our boundaries.  As women we get the message it’s better to make ourselves small and not take risks, take up space, or put our well-being first.  We work on valuing our needs, desires and opinions and practicing boundaries to protect your energy and time for what you choose.  It is affirming, motivating, and confidence boosting to share with one another our our challenges, our wins and our journey towards change.  Each session has a focus to guide open conversations and self-reflection.  

Please contact Jennelle at for more information.