Talk therapy can be helpful and a transformative experience to learn more about yourself, the role of your family of origin, and to address and understand any problematic symptoms getting in your way such as, difficulty sleeping, anxiousness, low mood & motivation or difficulties in relationships.

I believe that humans are resilient and adaptive, and thus we learn behaviors and ways of thinking to survive in our given environments.  This becomes problematic when our situation changes and those original adaptive ways are no longer helping, and may in fact be limiting ways of functioning.

Talk therapy can be especially important when you are noticing that you are struggling in your job performance, unsatisfied in your relationships, or simply less energetic and less capable of dealing with stress and demands.

Individual 50 minute sessions can be arranged at my office at Landwehrstrasse 37, a 6 minute walk from Sendlinger Tor, the Hauptbahnhof and Karlsplatz.  Please email me for further information at: or book an initial appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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All personal information is kept strictly confidential under protection by law.

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The fee is €130 per 50 minutes for individuals.

Please be aware public insurance and most private insurances are not accepted.

For a free consultation please email: or book directly online.